The bloom and decline of the cherry blossom in Japan is closely connected to the human life. The bloom stands by the beginning of spring. On a deeper level it shows that life is subject to the influences we don’t control ourselves. Sun, rain and wind determine the duration of the bloom.

For people it is no different. The cherry blossom tells us that it is important, to enjoy the bloom of life intensely. At the same time it is the real art to accept that bloom is only short-lived. Just like the bloom, humans are also at the mercy of nature. One will bloom more beautiful and longer, the other has to settle for an inconspicious spot in the shadow.

The cherry blossom also represents the way, International Lectures is in touch with things. We want others to blossom and grow outside their borders with challenging lectures and courses. Each time we want to show the relation with the nature around us: the connection and unity we have with nature, the unbelievable creativity that is present in everything around us, the universal and boundless emotions with which we can give expression to what life does to us. Facets that are so self-evident in TCM but have faded into the background in the western world.

Through our way of working and the courses we have to offer we want to carry out, that knowledge has many aspects that are connected to one another inseparably. First we think that competence and professionalism are closely linked together with the different dimensions of TCM in the philosophical, spiritual, scientific and daily fields. In all these areas we will organize courses so our students will be able to develop themselves on a personal as well as on a professional level.

Secondly we don’t only want to offer our TCM-therapists and students an organization of our lectures and courses as best as we can, but also a spiritual environment to attend them in. In that way we want to express that “learning” is not only receiving knowledge and becoming professionally wiser, but also that knowledge can bloom you and touch you personally. To be able to experience this, a fitting environment is vital.

Thirdly we’d like to present ourselves as an ambitious organization that wants to offer our students a well balanced and well organized programme with excellent teachers that enjoy great fame both nationally and internationally.

But no matter how many words we us to tell something about ourselves, we couldn’t express ourselves better than with the simplicity, force, silence and beauty of the Japanese cherry blossom.

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