Gali Stoffman, MD, graduated Tel Aviv University School of Medicine, in 1997. She then studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as Theory of Stems and Branches, and specialized in Pediatrics. 

At present, Dr. Stoffman practices integrative pediatric medicine.

Dr. Stoffman is the head of the Integrative TCM In-patient Service of Barzilay Hospital, Israel. 

She is owner and director of a multidisciplinary clinic in Rehovot, Israel, dedicated to the advancement and development of an integrative approach to pediatric and family medicine. 

In addition to her clinical activities, for the past twelve years, Dr. Stoffman has been teaching Pediatric Chinese Medicine in various academic institutions, including the Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University Schools of Medicine. 

For the past seven years, she has led intensive 1 year long post-graduate courses for the Pediatric TCM, in collaboration with Mr. Julian Scott (England) and Dr. Elisa Rossi (Italy). 

In addition, she has been a speaker in the German Rothenburg TCM Congress Pediatric Day for the past four years and has been teaching Pediatric TCM seminars in other countries, as well. 

Until recently, Dr. Stoffman has served as chairman of the Pediatric Section in the International Congress of Chinese Medicine (ICCM), in Israel. 

She is an active member of the Board of the Israeli Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was previously head of the National Board Examination Committee. Currently, she leads the board's attempts for regulation and legislation of Chinese Medicine in Israel and is head of its ethics committee. 

She is also a member of the Board of the Israeli Integrative Medicine Society, within the Israeli Medical Association.

Dr. Stoffman has recently written a chapter about Pediatric Insomnia for a book titled "Behandlung von Schlafstorungen", alongside Dr. Y. Maimon, Dr. S. Englert and Dr. H. Montakab, published by Verlag Muller & Steinicke Munchen, in Germany.

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