CT Holman is an international speaker and has authored two textbooks, Treating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine and Shamanism in Chinese Medicine. With over 20 years of practicing Chinese medicine, he operates a busy general family practice in Salem, Oregon. He trained with several leading teachers in China and the USA. To emphasize the effectiveness of music in medical treatments, he recorded and produced a CD/MP3 titled Resonating Vitality – Chinese Medicine Drum Treatments. CT teaches at the Oregon College of Chinese Medicine for its doctoral program, maintains the position as the Director of Development for the Lotus Institute of Lillian Bridges, treats people internationally with telemedicine, conducts a mentoring program at his clinic, and has several video courses available on his website.
For further information: www.redwoodspring.com


• China Books Seminars in Sydney and Melbourne Australia: Treating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine Three Day Seminar (November 2018 and February 2019); 2018-2019
• Speaker at British Acupuncture Council Conference: Treating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine; 2018
• Chinese Medicine Seminars – Denmark, Mexico, Sweden, Germany, and USA: Treating Emotional Trauma, Shamanic Drum Healing, Facial Diagnosis, Qi Gong, Channel Palpation; 2014-Present
• Speaker at TCM Rothenberg Kongress: Presented Facial Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, Cardiology, and Chinese Medicine Shamanic Drumming; 2015, 2016, 2017
• Webinars/Podcasts/Radio Interviews (e-Lotus, Healthy Seminars, Qiological, Dr.’s Perspective); 2017-Present
• Lotus Institute Teacher and Director of Development – “Master Face Reading Program”: Teach Applied Chinese Medicine facial diagnosis, train interns, and develop CEU’s for program; 2013-Present
• Qi Gong Instructor – “Shamanic Qi Gong”: Instructed a weekly class at Indigo Yoga Studio in Salem, OR; 2010-2012
• Mentor for Licensed Acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine Students: Instruct master and doctoral students; 2003-Present



• Redwood Spring, PC, Salem Oregon Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Herbalist: General Family Practice (average 2500 patient visits per year); 2001 – Present
• Aspen Chinese Medical Clinic, Flagstaff, AZ: Practiced in a private clinic, an integrated clinic, and an off-site clinic on the Hopi Reservation; 2000 – 2001



• Facial Diagnosis: Lillian Pearl Bridges: Earned Certification as Master Face Diagnostician and Lotus Institute Teacher; 2009-Present
• Qigong, Divination, Astrology, Stems/Branches, and Calligraphy: Master Zhong Xian Wu: Completion of the Level 5 Training of Life Long Program and Awarded Teacher Certification; 2009-Present
• Channel Theory and Palpation: Dr. Wang Ju-Yi (Beijing and US); 1999-2005
• Master Tung Acupuncture: Dr. Wei Chieh Young and Susan Johnson; 2009-2014
• Pulse Diagnosis (Shen-Hammer Lineage): Brian LaForgia and Brandt Stickley; 2009-2012
• Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine: Residency in Internal Medicine, Oncology and Pediatrics; 2000
• American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine – M.S. in TCM; 2000



• “Shamanism in Chinese medicine”: Textbook published by Singing Dragon; 2020

• “Heart and Gallbladder Qi Deficiency causing Sleep Disturbances”: European Journal of Oriental Medicine (December); 2018
• “Introduction to the Treatment of Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine”: Journal of Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia; 2018
• Treatment of Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine: Textbook published by Singing Dragon; 2018
• Resonating Vitality – Chinese Medicine Drum Treatments CD/MP3: Recording of drum rhythms and guided meditations based on the five elements ; 2017
• “Treatment of Emotional Trauma and PTSD with Chinese Medicine”: Journal of Chinese Medicine Number 112; 2016
• “Channel Palpation and the Utilisation of Classical Theory”: Journal of Chinese Medicine Number 92, Co-author; 2010
• Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine: Co-Editor for book, contributed case studies, and assisted with organization of text; 2008

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