The ABC of Shen Hammer Pulse Diagnosis - Advanced Course

The ABC of Shen Hammer Pulse Diagnosis - Advanced Course
The ABC of Shen Hammer Pulse Diagnosis - Advanced Course
10-12 May 2019
12.30-6.00PM (day 1); 10.00AM-5.00PM (day 2 and 3)


You have already learnt the basics of the Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis in a 9- or 12-day course?

And now you want to dive deeper into this system?

Or you got stuck and you would like to repeat some qualities, individual or extra positions or depths?

You want learn how to enhance the integration of your diagnosis into treatment?

If so, we would like to invite you to participate in our Advanced Course in May 2019 organised by International Lectures.

We will give you a short review of the previously learned materials. However, our main intention is to pick you up wherever you are in your individual learning process and to assist you in improving your skills: 

The perception at your fingertips, the interpretation of your findings, the transfer from diagnosis to treatment or anything else you might need. 

We plan to give you an opportunity to elaborate on and dive into your individual ‘construction sights’.

Moreover, we will also deepen your knowledge by offering you possibilities to transfer your diagnosis into clinical strategies. We will point out certain combinations of qualities which are leading you to pattern differentiation in various systems of diagnosis, e.g. Zang Fu, Substances, Liu Jing or first impressions.

And last but not least you surely remember, you can bring your own patients again to the course. This is the best way to learn.

It would be great to see you and work together again. Surely, we will have a constructive and wonderful 3-day weekend together (and laugh a lot…)!

Sybill Huessen and Christoph Götte

Number of participants

The number of participants is limited to 16.

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Tel: +31 346 351755
€ 579

incl. coffee/tea/water/lunch (day 2 and 3)

Required knowledge

The 9-day or 12-day course of The ABC of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis or The ABC of Shen Hammer Pulse Diagnosis 

Accredited by

Accreditation is obtained from NVA (code AT), NWP (3 points/day) and Zhong (Category 1, 17 NAP).

Accreditation will be applied at Eufom and BAF if a student is a member of one of these organizations.

A member of the VNT can apply for an individual accreditation in the member section online.

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