Don't guess how you have to treat children, be certain!

Don't guess how you have to treat children, be certain!
Don't guess how you have to treat children, be certain!
1-3 November 2019
1:30-7:00PM (day 1); 10:00AM-5:00PM (day 2 and 3)

  • How many adult patients have arrived at your clinic suffering from Accumulation Disorder or Diaper rash lately?
  • How many times have you taken the pulse of a patient who moves constantly, while blowing up a balloon?
  • When have you recently inserted needles into a patient who is busy playing with her dolls?

Children are quite different from adults:

They are very yang, hot, energetic.

Growing up is a time of yang within yin, a time of spring, of wood, and so – children's illnesses evolve quickly, suddenly, with high fevers and severe symptoms, just as they resolve all at once.

On the other hand, children tend to suffer from weak digestive systems, a weak earth element, easily leading to accumulation of dampness and phlegm.

Their Wei Qi is still immature, not fully formed so that they are easily invaded by external pathogenic factors.

Not only are the pathologies significantly different in children, but also their treatment. In volume 5 of the medical text - Important Formulas Worth a Thousand Gold Pieces for Emergency (Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang - 652 AD), San Si Miao wrote:

"Better to treat 10 men than 1 woman; better to treat 10 women than 1 baby" 

Treatment of children must be simple, minimalistic, precise – it must involve use of a very small number of needles, for a very short time. Herbal formulas should also be simple, with few herbs.

A pediatric Chinese medicine practitioner must be creative, dynamic, inventive. Treatment of the child and his family requires a combination of therapeutic tools, such as nutrition, Bach remedies, Aromatherapy, Manual methods, such as Tuina, and others.

Children need expert, professional treatment, given by skilled Chinese Medicine practitioners, trained in Pediatrics. In addition, it is important to remember that better understanding of childhood illnesses provides a new, significant perception of adult pathologies and their treatment.

This approach is the basis for the beginning of this Pediatric 3-day weekend and will combine theoretical and practical knowledge, based on the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine concerning childhood and pediatric diseases, as well as the vast experience of Gali Stoffman, MD, in treating children.

The weekend course will supply participants with a comprehensive introduction into the world of Pediatric Chinese Medicine, as well as, precise, effective, useful tools for successfully treating various childhood illnesses including recurrent ear infections and conductive hearing loss in children.

Course highlights:

  • In-depth understanding of pediatric illnesses and etiologies
  • Introduction of the Bian Zheng developmental theory
  • Pediatric acupuncture methods
  • Safe and easy to use clinical protocols for treatment of various childhood illnesses, including:
    • Phlegm accumulation
    • Weak digestive system
    • Fever and LPF
    • Recurrent and acute ear infections
    • Conductive hearing loss
  • Introduction to Pediatric tuina
  • Tips for parents, dietary recommendations and essential oils.

What have past participants said:

"The lessons were well organized, meticulous, comprehensive and clear. I would be happy to take additional courses with her. Gali teaches in an interesting, clear, practical manner, providing excellent, useful tools."

Dorit Weiner

"Gali is an excellent teacher, professionally and personally. She was very dedicated to the course. She possesses a lot of knowledge with an ability and willingness to share, including clinical instruction in the clinic. The course is practical and very recommended, I felt it contributed greatly to my knowledge and ability to treat children."

Dr. Gilat Reiss, MD, Pediatrician

"Dr. Gali Stoffman is an excellent teacher and practitioner, she gives a lot of information and support during the course, and after."

Anat Regev

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Tel: +31 346 351755
€ 579

incl. coffee/tea/water/lunch (day 2 and 3)

Required knowledge

Basic TCM.

Target group

Acupuncturists, herbalists, tuina therapists, shiatsu therapists, last year TCM, students acupuncture, students herbalism, students tuina, students shiatsu.

Accredited by

Accreditation is obtained from NVA (code AT), NWP (3 points/day) and Zhong (Category 1, 17 NAP).

Accreditation will be applied at Eufom and BAF if a student is a member of one of these organizations.

A member of the VNT can apply for an individual accreditation in the member section online.

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