The Golden Gate – Chinese Medicine for Advanced Students (9-day)

The Golden Gate – Chinese Medicine for Advanced Students (9-day)
The Golden Gate – Chinese Medicine for Advanced Students (9-day)
27-29 Mar'20; 5-7 Jun'20; 11-13 Sep'20
12:30-6PM (day 1); 10AM-5PM (day 2, 3)

“The Golden Gate allows the precious gems of life to come to us. By opening this gateway to the inner essence we can touch the beauty both within and without. We can become one with the rich quality of Qi that enriches life. It is here that the ego dissolves back into the formlessness of the Tao. It is here that the traveler is dropped out of the 5-phases into the primordial Yin/Yang relationship.”

Source: Characters of Wisdom - Taoist tales of the acupuncture points; Kaatz, Debra; The Petite Bergerie Press; 2005 | Non-Duality, Simplicity and the Chong Mai; Greenwood, Michael T.; Med Acupunct 2018 Feb 1; 30(1): 8-14

This is exactly what the The Golden Gate course, created by Avihai Wolczak (Israel), will bring you. It will be a journey through everything you know about Chinese medicine and take you to a point where you will start to see the beauty of it all. You will grasp how this beauty not only deepens your understanding of Qi but enriches you as a person at the same time as well by connecting you to the most essential qualities of Qi. You can put this understanding immediately into practice after visiting the course.

About the course

The Golden Gate course is divided into six parts: Wood, Metal, Earth, Fire (2 parts) and Water. Currently the first three parts are already being taught; the other three are still being written. Each part stands on its own, so it is possible to study one, two or three parts, according to the wishes of the student. 

In each part of the course, one of the five phases is studied in depth. For example, the first part is the “Wood Phase”. We learn the meaning of the wood phase; we continue with the functions of the wood Organs – the Gall bladder and the Liver –, and then study the four types of meridians for each Organ (main meridians, connecting meridians, diverging meridians and muscle meridians). From here we will move on to the acupuncture points: the explanation of their names, the presentation of their classic functions, and the explanation how they are connected to the same basic phase they represent – Wood in our example – and what that means for using the acupuncture point in practice.

The teaching is entirely based on the most significant ancient writings of Chinese medicine. Avihai will give you many quotations, including interpretations and examples. Considerable emphasis is placed on the practical aspect: how to improve and make our clinical treatment more efficient, based on the knowledge acquired in the classroom. In addition, tips are given in the areas of diagnosis, acupuncture techniques and nutrition. Case studies that illustrate the material being taught are presented throughout the course. 

To enter The Golden Gate course, there is no need for Stems & Branches knowledge. Students that don’t have this knowledge will get a file with basic terms and connections that they should study, just to understand some important connections. For example, it is important to know that GAN (Liver) has relationships with DAN (Gall Bladder) at Men level (Five Phases), with XIAO CHANG (Small Intestine) at Earthly level (Branches), and with DA CHANG (Large Intestine) at the Heavenly level (Stems).

About the teacher

Avihai Wolczak started studying Chinese medicine in Israel in 1995, and still sees himself as a student. He has taught both the functions of the acupuncture points and the “Stems and Branches” method in a private college in Israel. He has prepared many teaching syllabuses. For the last seventeen years he has been researching ancient Chinese writings. This research has become the basis of the present The Golden Gate course, which he has been teaching in Israel for more than 12 years and recently in Finland as well. The course is very popular, and has received very positive reactions.

Some reactions of students

  • The course “The Golden Gate” allowed me to deepen my knowledge of acupuncture points and to add to it. The experience of learning with Avihai is on the one hand a rich and flowing source of renewed and widened knowledge; on the other hand it is a practical tool which can be applied immediately in the clinic and provides added value and new life to treatment. During the course it is possible to conduct a dialogue on subjects of ongoing concern and professional discussion to everyone, whether as practitioners, teachers, or ongoing students of Chinese medicine. Avihai excels at building the course in a way which allows fruitful and deep dialogue and which brings thought, understanding, conclusions, and even new questions with it. Beginning practitioners as well as experienced ones can certainly appreciate the results of Avihai’s work and profit from it, as it is both deeply researched and entirely faithful to its sources. I hope that everyone who is dedicated to continuous development of our profession, who is interested in continuing to learn more of this amazing body of knowledge, or who wishes to deepen and improve his acupuncture skills will avail himself of the opportunity to take this wonderful and enjoyable course, in order to renew himself and fall in love once more. Strongly recommended.

  • I enjoyed your course very much, and I definitely mean “enjoy”. I think – actually I am certain – that during my regular studies I did not have teachers who I felt were fully immersed in the subject matter on the basis of knowledge and deep understanding.  In your course, I felt many flows of spirit, knowledge, and ancient understanding, like mountain air which left me dizzy.  Your course is full of “spirit” (beyond the material…) – spirit in the pleasant and positive meaning of the word – spiritual.  There were many moments during the course when I felt myself thinking about very substantial concerns, connected to the subject matter of Chinese medicine, but which I only rarely approach on a deep level rather than on the ordinary level of intellectual understanding. To summarize, the course excited me, and also helped me rise above day to day concerns, providing spiritual uplift.

  • I enjoyed very much the depth of your class, and the many levels which you reveal in every meeting. This is exactly what I was looking for:  extensive study of every point and of the sources related to each point, in addition to a wide perspective on the various philosophies behind the different schools of Chinese medicine. In this course I received with the greatest of ease what would have taken me years to learn on my own. I appreciate the course very much, and thank you for it.

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€ 1638

[Early Bird until 15-1-2020; then € 1789]; incl. coffee/tea/water/lunch (day 2, 3)

Price payment in instalments
€ 1648

[Early Bird until 15-1-2020; then € 1799]; incl. coffee/tea/water/lunch (day 2, 3)

Payment due date 1: 13 March 2020; amount due 1: € 419,50 [EB]

Payment due date 2: 8 May 2020; amount due 2: € 409,50 [EB]

Payment due date 3: 4 July 2020; amount due 3: € 409,50 [EB]

Payment due date 4: 30 August 2020; amount due 4: € 409,50 [EB]

NOTE: After 15-1-2020 the course price is € 1799 incl. coffee/tea/water/lunch (day 2, 3)

Payment due date 1: 13 March 2020; amount due 1: € 457,25

Payment due date 2: 8 |May 2020; amount due 2: € 447,25

Payment due date 3: 4 July 2020; amount due 3: € 447,25

Payment due date 4: 30 August 2020; amount due 4: € 447,25

Required knowledge

Several years of TCM practice.

Target group

Acupuncturists, herbalists, tuina therapists, shiatsu therapists with several years of TCM practice

Accredited by

Accreditation is obtained from NVA (code AT), NWP (3 points/day), and Zhong (category 1, 51 NAP).

Accreditation will be applied at Eufom and BAF if a student is a member of one of these organizations.

A member of the VNT can apply for an individual accreditation in the member section online.

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